How to Pack the Right Shoes for a Weekend Away

If you are like most people then you likely click delete when you read the fine print in those great weekend away travel emails which states that you are only allowed to take a carry on sized bag with you. Most of them don’t even let you pay to take check a suitcase on your journey!


If this sounds like you and you just can’t think of how you are going to fit all of your shoes into a carry on sized bag, along with everything else that you will need, below are some tips on the types of shoes you need to take to a range of destinations.


Prepare for a Tropical Climate

The most common activity which you will be undertaking at your tropical destination is going to be hiking. Why? Because the majority of these destinations boast a range of beautiful rainforests just waiting for you to explore it. With this in mind, here are the shoes which you will need to pack:


  • Non-slip hiking boots/waterproof boots
  • Good-quality sneakers
  • One pair of sandals


While you may be tempted to pack a pair of flip-flops instead of sandals, it’s important to remember that the surfaces you will be walking on will be slippery. For this reason, it’s best to pack sandals instead of flip-flops. As for the sneakers, it’s important that yours are up to scratch. If they aren’t, visit the Groupon Coupons page for Finish Line before you travel and pick up a new pair. The reason isn’t to do with fashion, but function. Old worn sneakers aren’t going to keep you safe when exploring the towns in humid weather.


Taking on the Snow

If you are ready to try your hand at snowboarding or skiing then you will be hiring your snow boots on the mountain, so don’t worry about trying to pack those. Instead, just stick with the following:


  • Waterproof/Hiking Boots
  • Good quality sneakers
  • Dress shoes


The reason for the sneakers is the same as above, but as for the dress shoes, you will find that you will need these more than you would believe. While your primary goal is to spend as much time on the snow as possible it’s worth noting that the daylight hours are shorter during this season and so your access to the snow will be somewhat limited, leaving you to socialize in the numerous bars within the resort. It is for this activity which you will need your dress shoes.


Dancing in the Rain

Whether it’s to take advantage of cheaper flights or you have a particular adventure in mind which is better undertaken during the rain, traveling to a wet weather climate has its advantages. If this sounds like you, here is what you will need:


  • Waterproof boots/Shoes/Hiking Boots
  • Good quality sneakers
  • Non-slip sandals


All of the above are important as you will likely be changing from a range of conditions, from complete rain to drizzle and the slippery surfaces which come with it.


As you can see, you don’t need to take your entire shoe collection with you for a weekend away, you just need to take a few select pairs of shoes to keep get you by, like the ones listed above!